B2B Copywriter for the Energy & Aerospace Industries

I help businesses in the energy and aerospace industries get more businesses and more revenue by crafting compelling, result-driven lead generation marketing communication pieces white papers, case studies/success stories, press releases and the like.

Why the energy and aerospace?

Background in science and unique knack for transforming dry, technical information into alluring copy when writing to non-technical audience, or just telling it in a clear manner, place me in a great position to write lead generation pieces that will engage your prospects and shorten your sales cycle.

What Can You Do to Get More Leads, More Business, More Revenues?

Simple: You need effective marketing communication strategy!

And you may have to address two kinds of audiences:

When your audience is the one who buys from you and your marketing efforts are directed outwards, it is essential that your website, emails, ads and other marketing communications –

  • Communicates the unique qualities that set your company apart from your competition;
  • Emphasizes greater benefits to your customers;
  • Expresses even the most complicated message in a clear and concise way;
  • Conveys credibility and gains your audience’s trust;
  • Assures you the best return on your marketing dollars.

But you may also have another kind of clients – your employees, professionals, partners within your company, for whom you may need training manuals, announcements, internal newsletters etc. Those, too, need to be – – –

  • Alluring
  • Clear
  • Concise

In order to be read, understood and acted upon.

Do you use freelance writing services for your MarCom from time to time?  If so – – –

I am Your Local Copywriter. And That Makes All the Difference.

The present day electronic connectivity has enabled us to operate without any geographic limitations. So, it really shouldn’t matter how many miles of land or ocean separate the freelance copywriter from the company she writes for. And it doesn’t – most of the time. However, hiring a local writer to shape your marketing messages is an added bonus –

I’m the copywriter who will meet you, go over the project details with you in person, and be available for other meetings. I’m local. And that gives you the advantage of working with a writer who can present your strengths, what’s unique about your services / products – in short, who your company really is and how you can benefit your clients. I’m a copywriter who delves deeply into your company’s essence, as if I were one within the company, yet can, at the same time, take a fresh look at the company from a different angle.

If that can benefit you and your company, than I am your copywriter.

What do you get when I partner with you?

A local copywriter brings the advantage of face-to-face communication and the ability to brain storm ideas with your people as to how best to present you to your customers. It’s a copywriter who will then write all your marketing material – white papers, case studies / success stories, press releases, web copy, lead-generating and lead nurturing material etc., and of course your internal material – education, manuals and the like, with an understanding of an insider.

So, why Nurit-Copywriting?

You are still skeptical… What’s my background, and how can I really fit in?

Here’s the deal: Do I have a thorough knowledge of an insider about your company, its structure and processes streamlines right now? Probably not. One of my strengths, though, is in research, which has been my main occupation in my “previous life” as a scientist, and most favorite area since college. And I LOVE to learn.

Moreover: my experience (structural geology with rich background in engineering, physics and math), enables me to understand technical issues and shortens my learning curve.

Here is what Bob Bly, one of the top copywriters in the US (for whom I have been doing research since 2005) says:

“Nurit, you are doing a GREAT job!” “Thanks, I owe you big time”  “A+++, Thanks!”

With me as your copywriter you get a partner who –

  • Is a local, hands-on, loyal business writer who is familiar with your company and can convey your written B2B marketing communication in a compelling way.
  • Has background in science and rich experience in research, which lends the ability to effectively convey all your marketing messages, so you can convert more leads to clients.
  • Is experienced and versed in B2B copy.
  • Is reliable, always on time and on task.